1. Walkshops


Rethinking Meetings

For more than a decade, Radian|Placematters has focused on tools and techniques to more effectively engage residents in conversations affecting the future of their community. We are interested in ways to tap into the collective wisdom of residents while providing opportunities to learn from others and collaboratively shape the future of communities. Radian|PlaceMatters has helped design public engagement and decision-making processes that have included hundreds of public meetings and workshops. We are constantly thinking about what works well, from low- to high-tech, and tinkering with ways to improve and rethink meetings. The Walkshop has been one of our successful formats—we’ve run them in Wichita, Somerville, Golden, and Charlotte, and trained others to run them as well.

Above is a 90 second video by Radian|Placematters highlighting the tools and techniques used during a Walkshop.