Radian|Placematters’ high quality, low cost portable smart tables are well-suited to interactive group discussions and decision-making, brainstorming, educational environments and more. They readily accommodate GIS software, decision support software, data visualization software and everything else that runs on Windows or Mac OS X computers. They make it easy for individuals or groups to see, navigate through and analyze data.

We build our systems using high quality components and configure the kits so they are highly portable, easy to assemble and easy to use. Each kit includes the following:

  1. One lightweight portable LCD projector along with a charging and option of HDMI or VGA cables

  2. One Wii remote

  3. Customized tripod/monopod system for mounting the projector and Wii remote

  4. Two infrared light pens (dual pressure tip and button functionality)

  5. Wii remote whiteboard software for Mac or PC (dongle version available for PC so license can be used on any computer (additional $50))

  6. Soft cases for projector, monopod, accessories, and all of the equipment together

  7. Projector comes with 3 year warranty, extended warranty provided for tripod system

  8. Pelican case for storage and safe travel

The kit does not include a laptop; you will need to use a computer with bluetooth or buy a bluetooth dongle. In addition, PlaceMatters has posted a number of tips and lessons-learned about the touchtable on the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science website.